Our Process

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We here at Rick’s take a special pride in this first meeting with you. Our sales associates are trained to ask all the “right” questions to ensure that we know your vision from day one. We take accurate on site measurements of the area(s) you wish to renovate, this helps us in cutting down the fat in the process as we are able to get the first design closer to your vision and begin to help you understand what is possible to accomplish your goal.


During this stage we ask that you come to the office and view the first design that we have envisioned based on all the information we gathered in our meeting at your home. We like to take the time and sit you down, walk you through the design, show you in a 3D rendered environment. Our goal during this meeting is to cover all the basis in our design to ensure we have covered all your concerns and changes you requested. We all try to understand to what extent you wish us to handle the renovation: do you want us to do a start to finish from demolition to finished product or are their parts to the renovation that you wish to handle yourselves.


During this meeting we like to sit down with you once more in our office and go over any changes you may have requested on the previous meeting in regards to the drawings and renovations aspects we discussed. If we are all on the same page and have the design finalized, choices for the renovation work we are handling and any other miscellaneous items you’ve requested us to source (appliances, paint, etc.) we like to take the time to start discussing the costs and giving you a more accurate budget for your renovation.


During this meeting we hope that we have everything decided on and can just walk you through your design one last time, walk you through the contract and budgeted amounts, and sign off on the contracts once you are happy and recieve the deposit. This is usually achievable by the dedication and questions we ask in all the other appointments we have had for you.


This step is handled by one of our trained employees. Once we have the cabinets programmed for production in our own shop, we start to order in the materials we need to accomplish your renovations (flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, appliances, etc.) in which we store at our warehouse until we are ready for them to be delivered to the house. During this time we take the time to schedule in our trades (ie. plumbers, electricians, drywallers, flooring/tile setters, painters, etc.). During this time the employee that has been assigned to handle your project from start to finish will be in contact with you to inform you of the dates and times to expect trades in your home.